About me

Hilary BuckleyI  always enjoyed art at school and I used to attend various ‘arty’ evening classes, including painting, pottery and printing.  However,  with work commitments (and general lack of inspiration) I did not take up my paint brushes for many years.

With my move to Lyme Regis in 2007, I have been inspired by the wonderful Dorset scenery and I have had more time to join local art groups, workshops and classes. These have motivated me to experiment with various different media, including watercolour, oil pastels, soft pastels, acrylic, gouache and collage in painting Lyme Regis and the Dorset landscape.

I love Art Deco and my work has a definite graphic feel to it;  I am drawn to graphic shapes and colours in the local scenery and seem to have discovered my own distinctive style, whether I am using soft pastels, collage or acrylic ink.

In June 2014, I exhibited at Colour Line & Thread at the Malthouse Gallery, Lyme Regis Town Mill for the fourth year and I took part in Lyme Regis ArtsFest 2014 for the sixth year.  I attend many local fairs and markets – for details, check out my Exhibitions page.

Do please contact me if you would like to view any of my paintings at any time (see my Contact page for details).